Amino Acids

AMINO ACIDS are nitrogen-containing acids that constitute the building-blocks from which plant and animal tissue are made. Besides building cells and repairing tissue, they form antibodies to combat invading bacteria & viruses; they are part of the enzyme & hormonal system; they build nucleoproteins (RNA & DNA); they carry oxygen throughout the body and participate in muscle activity.

When protein is broken down by digestion the result is 22 known amino acids. Eight are essential (cannot be manufactured by the body), the rest are non-essential (can be manufactured by the body with proper nutrition). They are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and thus beneficial reactions can be gauged almost immediately.

For people living busy lifestyles and/or those who exist on an inadequate diet, natural AMINO ACID supplements are most beneficial.

Amino Acids and its functions

Lysine – is an essential amino acid for growth, antibodies, enzymes and tissue repair.

Histidine – an essential amino acid for children, it is important for the growth and repair of tissue.

Arginine – is an essential amino acid which helps to promote growth in cells, growth and development, weight loss, improving the immune system and is involved in the production of normal sperm levels in adult males.

Aspartic Acid – conversion of carbohydrates, glucose etc. and increase in stamina.

Threonine – is an essential amino acid which aids digestion, reduces fat in the liver and helps the absorption of nutrients.

Serine – is known to be an essential nutrient of the brain and is a moistening agent in cosmetics.

Glutamic Acid – for the utilisation of fats and sugars.

Proline – helps to promote healing and reduce soft tissue strains; it also promotes muscular energy and is beneficial to sagging associated with aging.

Alanine – helps to lower cholesterol and also aids in the regulation of blood sugar levels.

Valnine – an essential amino acid which is used for muscle co-ordination, positive mental vigor and can even help to calm emotions.

Methionine – an essential amino acid which helps the liver to burn fat; methionine also helps to promote the growth of skin, hair and nails and is also a detoxifying agent.

IsoLeucine – for building muscle tissue, maintaining mental health and a strong detoxification agent.

Leucine – helps in the prevention of muscle breakdown, assists in tissue rebuilding and repair.

Tyrosine – for helping mental alertness and the regulation of blood pressure and stress.

Phenylalanine – an essential amino acid which helps to stimulate the nervous system of the brain, increases mental alertness and memory functions.

Cystine – helps to stimulate the immune system; it is the amino acid used by beauticians in anti-wrinkling creams and lotions; it is also great for body builders.

Tryptophan – an essential amino acid which helps to calm the nervous system.