Our Research

We use FloraFerm™ to put the flora in all our products

AGM Foods are pioneers of food fermentation. Over 40 years of research has gone into our Grainfields range of bio-fermented probiotic powder and liquid concentrates, using our unique world leading FloraFerm™ process.

FloraFerm™ is used exclusively to put the natural flora or friendly bacteria into all the products that AGM Foods produces. Rather than being an extra ingredient we buy and add in, the bacteria are grown here in Australia, just as they occur in nature and are an integral part of the whole process.

  • Liquid and Powder Superfoods
  • Naturally occurring Bacteria grown in Australia


Natures Food, Fermented

We start with carefully selected nutrient dense superfood ingredients, wherever possible, purchased from organically certified and Australian grown sources. Good bacteria are naturally occurring on these ingredients such as organic grains, algae, legumes, vegetables and seeds. When these ingredients are bio- fermented using the FloraFerm™ process, the finished liquids and powders are a powerful bioavailable probiotic superfood.

What are CFUs?

Bacteria live and work in colonies. In scientific terms these colonies are called Colony Forming Units (CFU’s). Many companies are claiming that their products have “billions” more bacteria than other products, to gain a marketing edge. Some companies intentionally shake the colonies apart, separating the CFU’s, or use laboratory produced strains to increase the bacteria count of their products.

AGM Foods believe it is not the count of CFU’s which is the most important factor, but viability of the bacteria and that it is from a natural source.

Our unique Flora Ferm process ensures that the bacteria arrive in the gut in their natural state so that they can multiply and help to maintain healthy intestinal flora.

Multiple food based strains of good flora- The right bacteria for your interior.

Unlike many laboratory produced probiotic and fermented supplements on the market, the FloraFerm™ process provides the right bacteria for your body to utilise with multiple food based strains of good flora as nature intended.