Lactobacillus fermented whole food powders – Add them to your diet today!

Promoting Good Bacteria – The Quiet Achievers

The Grainfields super food powder range contains lactobacillus cultures from the exclusive FloraFerm process which increases the bio availability of nutrients and adds active good bacteria.

We have found some of the most amazing high quality super food ingredients on the planet to ferment in these powders, including dense green Australian cereal grasses, micro algae – spirulina, dunaliella salina and chlorella , mushrooms, legumes and whole grains. We try to source as many organic ingredients as possible. Find out more about ingredients in the ingredients section of the website. Ingredients lists are for each powder are on the individual powder pages.

The ingredients are cared for by the fermentation process, there are no short cuts, no chemical additives.

Use in fruit smoothies, sprinkle over cereal, add to recipes, mix with water or Grainfields liquid or eat by the spoonful!

Non GMO, No artificial colours or flavours.

Store in a cool dark place. Refrigerate after opening.

Freight Free!

All orders over $150.00 are freight free when sent within Australia. Orders under $150.00 will be charged freight calculated depending on where the order is to be delivered to. This amount will be added to the total charged when the order is processed.

Disclaimer: This information has not been evaluated by the TGA and these products are not approved to treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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If your order comes to under $150.00 there will be a freight charge. This freight charge will depend on weight, size and destination. This will be billed on top of your orders.

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