Service & General Feedback

“Helpful, friendly staff and a range of health products that really work wonders. Fermented foods and drinks are the key!”- Nai Wieland

“Thank you very much for your excellent service in sending my Lemon and Ginger Concentrate. It was a seamless transaction, and I thank you very much for that.” Best wishes, Christine

“Great products and great service! These probiotic superfoods have made a huge difference to my energy levels and digestion.”- N. Thorpe

“I can only imagine the journey Grainfields has travelled in establishing good cultures, predictable results and reliable production of such a significant range of fermented product. I have had many varied fermentation experiences in my small kitchen, so Grainfields professionalism has earned my respect. Oh- so wonderfully – your protocols target organic and especially biodynamic sources. My research suggests that the micro organisms resulting from BD produce are the most beneficial of all.”  -Melinda, Central VIC.

“You can order the saddle and bridle and enter me in this years Melbourne Cup. Considering the state of my health and the very heavy work load I have been under for some time, I’m very happy with the products.”- Warm regards Brian G.

Testimonial from Dr Evan Grambas – Torquay Health and Wellness

“I would like to commend you on the quality of your products. At this time in healthcare, the availability of natural and effective foods has never been more relevant. Gut health is so important to our overall health and the quality of this product is excellent. I use this product myself and I also recommend this to my patients as part of management of gut health – in particular for my patients who have chronic medical conditions, fatigue, bowel complaints and compromised immune systems. “

Very best regards,

Evan Grambas

BE Wholegrain Liquid

“I have been using & prescribing BE Wholegrain liquid for 18 years with the original team with Body Electronics with Dr J Whitman Ray with great success, nothing compares- great probiotic!” D Schuster ND from Holistic Natural Medicine, Adelaide

“The B.E. Wholegrain drink has improved my tummy and digestive system. It’s a great drink in hot weather too.  Thankyou AGM Foods.” D. Nicholls

“The BE Wholegrain liquid has been a tremendous benefit for me after years of pain and discomfort from diverticulitis. Very grateful to have discovered relief from this complaint without endless use of drugs.” Elizabeth

“The Grainfields BE Liquid food makes me feel fresher, more energy and feels very good in the stomach. I just love drinking it It also has a wonderful effect on the intestines. Easy stools and no bad odour, if any, anymore.  That means it really gets rid of all bad bacteria, which may be effective in reducing toxicity in the body”. Innessa

“Since I started having Grainfields probiotic drinks (3rd bottle just started), I have found my tummy has started to feel less bloated. My sleeping has been so much better, not waking 4/5 times a night. Getting 6hrs solid a night now. Has been many years since I’ve had that. I used to have to wash my hair every 2nd day, just realised I haven’t washed my hair for 4 days now (used to be really oily), still doesn’t need it… I am sorry I didn’t start this year’s ago” – F. Fisher

“I have suffered with colic since I was 17 and let me tell you it is a terrible thing. But since I’ve been taking Grainfields BE Liquid I no longer have it. It has done many things to improve my health and well-being. I have lost weight and have so much more energy. My skin has cleared up as I have always had pimples. And my eyes are whiter and brighter. I have found that I sleep a lot sounder. It is a very simple way to have good health, I am living proof of that and let me say I wouldn’t be without it! Grainfields is fantastic.” Trish T.

Equine Tonic Concentrate

We have used Grainfields Equine Tonic for some time and find it to be highly effective in the following applications:

To restore normal levels of beneficial gut bacteria after illness, antibiotics etc.

To stimulate appetite and provide a calming influence during periods of stress, such as long distance travel or intense competition.

To bring a horse out of a bout of stress colic when used in conjunction with chamomile herb

As aftercare for colic cases, to normalize digestion and bring about a quick recovery.

To regulate the fermentation processes in the small intestine.

To sweeten a sour stomach preparing feed for correct digestion.

To provide bloom in coat and body condition.

– Jeni Blyth and Gail Dreyer – Equine Sports Therapy

GFA skin toner

“This product has made a marked improvement to my sons adolescent acne condition” Jean Blamey

GFA skin toner pads

“Great for sunburn, mozzie bites, a quick refresher and general face clean. Love them! I use them on my daughters’ sensitive eczema skinSarah F.

GFA Skincare

“What a delight your skin care range is! Since I became aware of “what goes in” I have been searching for skin care products like these. I even books and did a TAFE course on “how to”. Disillusionment set in when I found that most of the recommended ingredients were toxic, and if I left these out the product would “go off” in a matter of days. So I chose neglect rather than use toxic products. Thank you for this excellent skin care range.” Jenny Wilson

Grains & Greens Powder and the Lemon & Ginger Liquid

“Grainfields has helped me maintain a high level of achievement in my chosen sport Ironman competition and associated events, for which I train morning and afternoon (11 training sessions a week).  I take the Grains & Greens Powder and the Lemon & Ginger Liquid. I am certain of the benefits they give me in maintaining a balanced digestive system, in turn aiding my body to fight off flu and cold symptoms before they take hold and enabling me to heal and recover more quickly from injuries.” Dylan Newbiggin

Hemp,  Protein and Zing Bars

The bars taste amazing! They give a nice all day energy release and are so filling. Definitely worth having in your bag as a pep up”- Sara F.

Lemon & Ginger Liquid

“I have been using the Lemon and Ginger product for 11 years. Best drink for tummy upsets. We love it! No more juice/soft drinks here.” –  Stacy Campbell

“I Love the Lemon and Ginger concentrate! I drink it straight, unmixed because I love the flavour…perfect for the cold and flu season. I love the Super Greens powder as well for a long term pick me up!”  – Mandi M.

“We’ve been ordering from AGM for our Grainfields for a few years now. Man what an amazing product! We get the Lemon and Ginger liquid and it “cures” a sore stomach overnight if I’ve eaten something I shouldn’t have. I recommend to everyone, even the delivery lady.

Never had a problem with our orders, such fast delivery. Amazing.” – Camille Damasch

“I tell all my customers Grainfields Lemon & Ginger is the best product I have found for candida in 15 years.” – Jane Jennings – Massage Therapist

“I have always been plagued with an irritable bowel…….I’ve been using your products for 18 years, I wish to congratulate you and express my gratitude for the huge benefits they have given me. I have recently had back surgery under anaesthetic for a 7.5 hours procedure. I insisted at the hospital that I need my normal morning routine of Grainfields Lemon & Ginger drink which I was allowed. My bowel returned to normal within 2 days which impressed the nurses and doctors very much.” R. Dean

“I love the Grainfields Organic Lemon & Ginger and have noticed I don’t catch colds,  flu and tummy bugs going around as often anymore, so it has definitely improved my immune system. Best of all, being organic I know it is free from nasty chemicals and because it is fermented it also helps keep up the balance of good flora in my digestive system. Also, for a filling healthy snack I really enjoy eating the Grainfields bars which taste delicious. Another great thing is that this company is Australian owned and their products are made in Australia.” – Charlotte

“Since drinking the Grainfields Organic Lemon & Ginger liquid and sprinkling the Grainfields Grains and Greens over my breaky cereal in the morning regularly over the last 5 years I have noticed digestive issues are a thing of the past, so I just know that all those good bugs are doing their job inside my gut. I highly recommend the Grainfields products to anyone who wants to improve their digestion and overall health.” – Olaf

Liquid Spirulina

“ I love Liquid Spirulina for an added energy boost!” Shara Ramsbottom

“I  have been trying all types of sporting enhancements over the last 5 years. Some gave me results whilst some did not. By chance I was introduced to  AGM FOODS Grainfields products  by a friend. Since drinking 20mls of the Liquid Spirulina daily for a couple of weeks , I have found it has given me more energy and better recovery when working out at the gym.” Joe Davis

I have been using the Liquid Spirulina you sent me and I can truly notice a difference. For the past 12 years I have been ill, felt enervated, suffered a serious loss of appetite and generally lost my interest in life.  Perhaps in part, due to being prescribed an inordinate number of drugs. Undoubtedly I feel better and want to thank you very much.” C. Carney

PetPepUp for Dogs

I just wanted to say that your PET PEP UP is the most wonderful supplement that I give to my English Pointer Jensen.  I have wanted to write and THANK YOU for YEARS now! He has a heaped teaspoon mixed in his food (alternate days). I have been consistent with this for the last 8 years of his life and now at 10 years of age, he is a very healthy and happy dog! He has NEVER been to the vet, never had digestive issues, ear infections or skin irritations. My sister is a Fermentation teacher in Adelaide, and she got me onto this product years ago and I SWEAR BY IT! I always buy the 1kg tub (it lasts for ages) and I truly believe that supporting his gut microbiome all these years (thereby supporting his immune system) has kept him in such great health. Pet Pep Up, I tell people, is like health insurance for dogs……the money I have saved at the vet because I KNOW my dog has strong, healthy, robust gut health! I meet SO MANY people who feed their dogs poor diets and wonder why they have skin problems, ongoing ear infections etc. These same folks take their dogs to the vet, where they are often prescribed steroidal medications or antibiotics, all of which CONTINUE to wipe out their healthy gut flora.  A healthy diet is so important for a healthy dog….but may I just say, this beautiful product has been ‘drip feeding’ SO many other UNLOCKED micro nutrients into him, because of the fermentation process. Fermentation truly is TRANSFORMATION of food! Therefore it can only transform health….and take it to the next level! Thankyou SO MUCH! With deepest gratitude from Jensen and Kristy Johnson

“Benefits I have noticed from using PetPepUp on my 14year old Ridgeback cross include a really healthy coat, good teeth, exceptional recovery from exercise and no signs of arthritis or mobility issues. Congratulations on a fantastic product.” Adam Ferrari


Phytofood is one of my every day powders in my smoothie, it certainly helps with my menopause”- D.G.

Powder Plus

 “My wife and I have found your Grainfields Powder Plus to be a truly outstanding product. Besides being tops for its nutritional value, the fermentation process it has undergone enhances the digestion and assimilation of food as well as being beneficial to the all important intestinal flora.” H & G Heinke 

Super Greens + Dunaliella

“Your Supergreens powder is so nourishing that it is supporting my recovery from chronic fatigue sufficiently that I am now anticipating the move beyond mere elimination towards all the effort required of the GAPS introduction diet. Supergreens then, has also been enormously cleansing, not only for the digestion but also for the liver- along with good quality oils. What a partnership!” Melinda, Central VIC.

Super Spirulina

“Love this product! You can never eat enough greens and this Super Spirulina gives me so much extra energy! Great to add to my daily smoothies.” Samantha Collett 

Body Ecology


“Cocobiotic is a wonderful refreshing drink. It not only tastes good, it is healing as well” Sarah S.

“I Love the taste of Cocobiotic and it makes my tummy feel great!”– Jeanne


“Innergybiotic is so yummy and helps me not feel so bloated!” Jodi M.

The Living Cookbook

“So helpful- Lots of new ideas to work with”- Rebecca Daniels

The Body Ecology Diet

“No one has ever put together all that we need to know about recovering and enhancing immunity – until now. I am making it a must reading for all my patients with candidiasis, immune disorders and food allergies.” – Keith W. Sehnert, M.D., author of Selfcare/Wellcare, Stress/Unstress, and coauthor of Beyond Antibiotics

“The Body Ecology Diet is easy to understand and chock full of practical information. I recommend it!” – William G. Crook, M.D., author of The Yeast Connection and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome