Our Company Profile

AGM Foods PTY LTD, home of Grainfields Australia is a company based in Brisbane Australia.

Market leaders in the manufacture of fermented probiotic foods using grains, plants, fruits, algaes and vegetables combined with a unique, natural organic fermentation process called FloraFermTM.

Lactobacillus are the family of beneficial bacteria which play a vital role as the natural flora of the gut. They are particularly useful to normalise or restore the balance of good gut flora after ill health, digestive problems or antibiotic therapy.

AGM Foods exclusive FloraFermTM process ensures live, active, viable lactobacilli bacteria are delivered into the digestive system. The growth of good flora is promoted aiding the metabolism. FloraFermTM combines modern technology and centuries of fermentation knowledge. This ensures the production of high quality probiotic products.

The significant difference between the FloraFermTM process and most other probiotics is that the process uses natural bacteria from organic grains, vegetables, plants, seeds and legumes to ferment products rather than laboratory produced species. The process is similar to the fermentation used by our ancestors until the introduction of modern processed foods. Even fruit and vegetables sold in modern supermarkets have been processed to add shelf life, thus removing the good bacteria so necessary for our digestive system.

These products are simple fermented food and not a pharmaceutical or a laboratory produced supplement. They may help restore the active balance to the digestive system as a food or drink and are a natural alternative.

The company also produces exclusive formulations for private label customers.

History – The AGM Foods Story 

The AGM Foods story started nearly 60 years ago. The founder, a fourth generation baker learnt the important role that bacteria play in the production of real fermented bread. At that time bread was a staple of most household diets.

This led to a lifelong passion for health promoting foods, fermentation and acquiring knowledge about the microorganisms that produced them.

Over time he observed the way the modern western diet was becoming high in sterile, overly processed foods. Preservatives and antibiotics were also commonplace.

Being aware that fermented foods, beneficial bacteria and the health benefits they possess were the essential part missing from the modern diet, he created AGM Foods in Brisbane Australia. 

Since that time, AGM Foods have led from the front and pioneered many of the trends that are now commonplace in the fermented food and probiotic marketplace. We are fermentation specialists, working with nature, to produce the best range of fermented foods and beverages available.