Organic Lemon & Ginger Liquid Concentrate 1.25L



Grainfields Organic Lemon & Ginger Liquid Concentrate is a refreshing effervescent probiotic  drink with the added delicious flavours of fresh Lemon juice and Ginger. This beverage has been naturally fermented using the exclusive FloraFerm™ process which increases the bio availability of nutrients and adds active good bacteria.  This one of our most popular drinks and is great value for money in the 1.25Litre size.

Store in a cool dark place.

Sediment in the bottle is naturally occurring in the fermented liquids. Gently tilt the bottle from side to side to mix sediment through. As the liquids are self carbonating we recommend refrigeration prior to opening.  Untwist the cap slowly to release pressure. Store in the fridge after opening.

How to use: The recommended minimum serving size is 50mls daily but as this is fermented drink based on raw whole foods rather than a medicine, you can have more if you like.  Dilute with still or sparkling water, freshly squeezed juices, use in smoothies and salad dressings, or drink neat. Can be added to recipes, or used as a starter culture to make yoghurts, cultured vegetables and other fermented foods.

Non Dairy, Non GMO, No artificial colours or flavours.

Available in 1.25L
Cartons: 8 x 1.25L

INGREDIENTS: *Filtered Water Malt, Organic Honey, * Fresh Lemon Juice 0.8%, Green Ginger 0.32%, Oats, Maize, Rice, Barley, Linseed, Mung Beans, Rye Grain, Wheat, Millet, Buckwheat. * non organic ingredient. Naturally fermented.

Product Reviews

“I have been using the Lemon and Ginger product for 11 years. Best drink for tummy upsets. We love it! No more juice/soft drinks here.”

Stacy Campbell

“I Love the Lemon and Ginger concentrate! I drink it straight, unmixed because I love the flavour…perfect for the cold and flu season. I love the Super Greens powder as well for a long term pick me up!”

Mandi M.

“We’ve been ordering from AGM for our Grainfields for a few years now. Man what an amazing product! We get the Lemon and Ginger liquid and it “cures” a sore stomach overnight if I’ve eaten something I shouldn’t have. I recommend to everyone, even the delivery lady.

Never had a problem with our orders, such fast delivery. Amazing.”

Camille Damasch

“I tell all my customers Grainfields Lemon & Ginger is the best product I have found for candida in 15 years.”

Jane Jennings – Massage Therapist

“I love the Grainfields Organic Lemon & Ginger and have noticed I don’t catch colds,  flu and tummy bugs going around as often anymore, so it has definitely improved my immune system. Best of all, being organic I know it is free from nasty chemicals and because it is fermented it also helps keep up the balance of good flora in my digestive system. Also, for a filling healthy snack I really enjoy eating the Grainfields bars which taste delicious. Another great thing is that this company is Australian owned and their products are made in Australia.”


“Since drinking the Grainfields Organic Lemon & Ginger liquid and sprinkling the Grainfields Grains and Greens over my breaky cereal in the morning regularly over the last 5 years I have noticed digestive issues are a thing of the past, so I just know that all those good bugs are doing their job inside my gut. I highly recommend the Grainfields products to anyone who wants to improve their digestion and overall health.”