Organic PetPepUp Dog Treats


Our pets need natural foods and friendly bacteria in their diet just like we do. PetPepUp Dog Treats contain several ingredients which have been naturally fermented using the exclusive FloraFermTM process. This process increases the bio availability of nutrients and adds active good bacteria.

PetPepUp Dog Treats come in a bag of 32 convenient individually foil wrapped 22 g portions.

How to use:  PetPepUp Dog Treats are intended for supplemental feeding or as a snack or reward during training. The treat can be fed in one piece or broken up into smaller pieces and fed at any time throughout the day.

Non GMO, No artificial colours or flavours.

Store in a cool dark place.

Ingredients: Wheat, rolled oats, barley, rye, rice, linseed, maize, mung beans, soya beans, millet, buckwheat, spirulina, sweet potato, alfalfa grass, barley grass, wheat grass, adzuki beans, quinoa, *calcium, *kelp, *glucosamine, *shark cartilage, rice malt, tahini, coconut oil, molasses  * non organic ingredient