Hemp Crunch Bars 10 x 60g


10 x 60g bars

A convenient and delicious tasting live food bar combining the superfood Hemp with specially selected whole foods and a hint of lemon.  Some of these ingredients have been fermented using AGM Foods’ unique Flora Ferm process which adds good bacteria and helps to make them more bio-available.

A junk free snack which is small enough to fit in your handbag

Great for packed lunches, bush walking or at the gym.

You will no longer need to feel guilty for snacking as these bars give you a tasty nutritious snack that fills you up, helps cut sugar cravings and provides a daily hit of probiotics.

Ingredients: Date paste, coconut, hemp seeds#*11.9% , pepitas, rice malt#, cashews, hemp protein#*3.9%, mung beans#*, rice#*, honey#*, chick peas#*, coconut oil#, dulse flakes#*, alfalfa grass#*, lemon oil. *Fermented ingredient.  #Organic ingredient.

Countries around the world have been consuming hemp food products for many years, except for Australia. Most of us associate hemp with marijuana, a drug which is smoked. However, certain varieties which are low in the psychoactive ingredient THC have excellent properties as a food. However, legislation has now been unlocked on the sale of Hemp as food  in Australia. Hemp has become the latest  “buzz” food and is right up there in the healthy superfood stakes with Quinoa and Chia.

Non GMO, No artificial colours or flavours.

Store in a cool dark place.