Jungle Flora



Jungle Flora bio active soil conditioner is the ultimate in garden food. Jungle Flora is powerful enough help you grow the finest fruits and vegetables, yet gentle enough to use on Orchids and Natives such as Grevilleas. Animal manures, kelp extract, mineral rock dust, and vermicast have been fermented to form a liquid plant food, immediately available to even the most neglected plants grown in the most impoverished of soils. Independent laboratory tests have shown that viable colony forming units (CFU) are well in excess of 1.7 million per gram. Jungle Flora can also be used as a foliage spray and restores indoor plants to their natural vigor with a weekly spray; also restores Staghorns, Ferns and hanging plants. Jungle Flora is indispensable as a compost starter, turning even the most stubborn heap into a veritable paradise for plants.

  • Conditions soil
    • Revives tired or sick plants
    • Adds a balance of organic microbes back into the soil
    • Promotes worm populations
    • Larger, healthier blooms
    • Faster growth
    • Less pests
  • Stimulates root development
  • Increase the number of helpful micro-organisms, while discouraging harmful ones.

Available in 1L and 5L sizes.

INGREDIENTS: Composted Manure from Searle’s (BFA# A1413), Arcadian Kelp, Alrock Rock Dust, Fish Emulsion, Vermicast, Added pure filtered rain water.

Bio Dynamic preparations used in composting are Prep 502 to Prep 507



Vegetables: Feed seedlings every 3 days until established and then every 7-10 days at a rate of 50mL per 10 L of water.

Roses and Flowers: Start with a weekly application rate of 50mL per 10L of water for 4 weeks and then at a rate of 10-14 day intervals during the main growing period. The same applies for foliar applications.

Orchards, Bromeliads & Ferns: Foliar application at a rate of 20-50mL per 10L of water every 7-10 days.

Fruit and Nut Trees: During vegetative growth apply at a rate of 50mL per 10L of water every week and decrease to fortnightly application after first blossom set. Monthly application during the dormant period.

Compost: 50mL per 10L of water will start the immediate breakdown process. One month later after turning the compost another application and then the compost should be ready in one month.

Lawn: Apply at a rate of 50-100mL per 10L of water every 10-14 days.

Native Trees: 40mL per 10L of water every 10-14 days until established, then fortnightly to monthly.