Jungle Flora



Plant food for your garden, the ultimate in garden food. JungleFlora is powerful enough to give you the finest fruits and vegetables, yet gentle enough to use on Orchids and Natives such as Grevilleas. It can be used as a foliage spray; JungleFlora restores indoor plants to their natural vigor with a weekly spray; also restores Staghorns, Ferns and hanging plants. JungleFlora is indispensable as a compost starter, turning even the most stubborn heap into a veritable paradise for plants.

Available in 1L and 5L sizes.

INGREDIENTS: Composted Manure from Searle’s (BFA# A1413), Arcadian Kelp, Alrock Rock Dust, Fish Emulsion, Vermicast, Added pure filtered rain water.

Bio Dynamic preparations used in composting are Prep 502 to Prep 507