Prepare yourself for the Festive Season

Christmas parties, workplace end of year parties and family BBQs can mean an over-indulgence of rich foods and of course alcohol! Plus all these extra activities and social catch-ups can really take its toll on our energy levels.

Prepare yourself beforehand. Eat a healthy diet and get plenty of fresh air and exercise leading up to the festive season and you will recover more quickly from over-indulgences.  Digestive upset is something most of us experience at least once during the festive season either from over-eating and/ or eating the wrong kinds of foods.


The Grainfields fermented drinks contain good flora and aid digestion so they sure can come in handy at this time of year!

To avoid alcohol hangover drink plenty of water in between drinks to dilute the alcohol. Try wine spritzers (half wine half soda water) or non alcoholic cocktails.  Add a dash of Grainfields liquid to your spritzer or include some in your Christmas punch bowl. Because Grainfields fermented drinks are made from fermented grains they are also high in B group vitamins, which help relieve the effects of those morning after hangovers!

The Grainfields Zing and Protein live food bars are a convenient non junk food snack to have on the run – even if it’s on the way to an evening function before dinner. Carry them in your handbag. The fermented ingredients add good flora to your diet and they are packed with superfoods like pea protein, nuts and AGM foods amazing fermented mushroom blend.

A New Years Resolution or period of over-indulgence may be a good reason to consider a detox program.  Carrying around accumulated toxins can have an adverse effect on how you feel and how long you live.  So always put your health first if you want to be around in years to come for many more Christmas celebrations.