Gut health – A hot topic

It seems like the importance of gut health is a hot topic these days, with a huge amount of research being done, which has resulted numerous books and articles being written on the subject.

Research on gut health is not a new science, it has been around for a long time, ever since the early 1900s when Russian scientist Metchnikoff developed his theory that toxic bacteria in the gut accelerated the aging process and that the longevity of Bulgarian peasants was due to lactic acid producing bacteria in their fermented foods.In the last twenty years or so,  the importance of gut health, along with the significance of eating for a healthy gut using fermented probiotic foods has become more widely accepted by the mainstream.

Gut Health

Gut health is a hot topic these days

It has become commonplace for Doctors to prescribe probiotics or probiotic foods after antibiotic therapy as they have become aware of the need to replenish the gut biome which has been wiped out by these medications. More and more people are searching for probiotic “good” bacteria products and some are even making their own home fermented foods such as sauerkraut, cultured vegetables, yoghurts and kefir.

Just this month, British Doctor and Journalist, Dr Michael Mosley featured on the SBS Insight program hot on the release of his new book The Clever Guts Diet,  which includes fermented food recipes to help change the way people eat. Even more proof that gut health and fermented foods have hit the mainstream.
Lecturer, Author and fermented food proponent Donna Gates first printed her Body Ecology Diet book in the mid 1990’s. Gate’s believes the key to health begins with restoring and maintaining the gut or inner ecosystem through diet.  Now in its 10th edition, this book has helped place probiotic fermented and cultured foods back on the map and been endorsed by Doctors, Health Practitioners and people following the diet.  The Body Ecology Diet book and selected other books are available from AGM foods.

Benefits of Fermented Foods

Russian Scientist Metchnikoff

At AGM foods we believe fermented foods are an important addition to include as part of what we eat day to day. This is why we developed our ready-made range of naturally fermented Grainfields liquids and powders. AGM has been producing these quality fermented products since 1995. We do all the fermenting for you and there are so many ways to incorporate these products into your diet. Our website also has some great tips on how to use naturally fermented Grainfields liquids and powders, as well as using the liquids as starter cultures in easy to make at home recipes.



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