Easter can be just as sweet with a little less sugar

It’s so easy to go overboard on sugary treats at Easter time. So here are some tips to try and help overcome sweet temptation.

It’s all about getting some balance – Don’t deprive yourself, it’s OK to have a sweet treat now and again on special occasions. But if you’re going to eat something bad, be sure to balance it out with good healthy foods first!

Start the day right with a giant Grainfields breakfast smoothie full of fibre, protein and gut loving goodness. Your gut will thank you and your microbiome will be primed and be ready to process whatever you eat next. Green smoothies in particular are a nutrient rich way to fill up on fruit and veggies, far better than juices as they retain the fibre from whole foods. Leafy greens such as spinach and kale are also great detoxifiers for the body.

Always drink plenty of water, this hydrates you and makes you feel fuller and less prone to sugar cravings.

Fill up on whole foods at meal times – veggies or salads with a lean protein source and maybe some nuts, seeds, grains or legumes. Afterall, the Easter bunny eats carrots, so snacks like carrot and celery sticks with a hummus or avocado dip are always a quick easy hunger fix. Eat healthy foods and snacks first before indulging in sweet Easter treats. This means you will be satisfied and feel less like eating too much of the sweet stuff.

For an alternative to Easter eggs, make your own favourite bliss balls or protein balls. Check out our recipes for these in the recipe section of our website. Give your bliss balls an Easter touch by placing them on a skewer to dip in melted dark chocolate. Choose the good quality dark chocolate which has less sugar. Or make healthy slices eg. muesli slice and drizzle them with dark chocolate. This might help reduce sugary chocolate consumption.

We all overindulge from time to time. But with a little bit of balancing, you can trust that your gut is healthy and capable of digesting whatever you throw at it!

Have a happy and healthy Easter!